From the mouths of our patients

“Getting a root canal is never fun but the Bhargava team was fantastic! Super friendly ladies and Dr. Bhargava is always great to talk to!” – Matthew Rupp

A root canal (also known as Endodontics) is the treatment of teeth with injured nerve tissue and is a service we perform at our Wichita office on all teeth except for molars. Advancements in treatment and technology make root canal therapy a very effective a straightforward procedure to relieve pain and save your teeth.

Complex root canal therapy may be referred to an endodontist, which is a specialist in root canals procedures.


What can you expect when you need to undergo a root canal? We know it can seem like a scary procedure, and so here at Bhargava Family Dentistry we are happy to walk you through the entire process, so you know what to expect. In addition, we make sure you have the after-care instructions you need after the procedure.

The first step of a root canal begins with us numbing your tooth, so you don’t feel pain or discomfort while the work gets done. Making sure you are comfortable is essential to all the work we do and provide several sedation options to ensure our patients are always feeling okay in the chair.

Once the affected area is completely numb, an opening is made inside the tooth down to the pulp chamber. Fluid is put into the canals inside the tooth which works to kill bacteria and rinse out any debris. This process disinfects the tooth. Next, the pulp is removed from inside your tooth and the canals get cleaned and shaped. Once that is done, we fill and seal the root canals.

At this point, the procedure is mostly done. A temporary filling is placed in the tooth. Once a permanent filling or crown is made to fit the exact measurements of your tooth, you will return back to our office to have your tooth properly restored. This permanent filling or crown protects your tooth and ensures the success of your root canal treatment.

How long will it last? You shouldn’t need to worry about that affected tooth causing you problems again as the root canal treatment should last you a lifetime.