Graphic image stating Crowns you can rely on! For 7 years

A crown will make your tooth stronger, improve its appearance, and return it to its normal shape and size. Crowns are needed for a variety of reasons, usually due to lack of supporting tooth structure due to a large cavity, a root canal, a failed filling, cracks or fractures.


How long do crowns last? That’s a common question we hear from people facing the procedure.  Thanks to advancement in dental crown fabrication, we install crowns that you can expect to last for 7 years or more.

We offer a variety of crowns including all porcelain (no metal), porcelain fused to metal (porcelain on the outside, metal on the inside), and metal only (if indicated). Crowns are also used to cover a dental implant. You do not need a root canal prior to a crown. Sometimes, it is just the opposite, the crown can prevent a future root canal. The lifespan of a crown is significantly longer than a filling and due to the protection a crown provides, it is often much more difficult to get a cavity around a crown versus a filling.

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