Natural-Looking Solutions for Filling a Cavity

Photo of young woman looking in bathroom mirror while brushing her teethFinding out you have a cavity is never good news. But fixing a cavity without waiting too long is incredibly important in order to avoid much bigger problems from happening. Fortunately, at Bhargava Family Dentistry, the solution to fixing the cavity is a procedure that is relatively easy and often comes with very little or no pain or discomfort. And when we have finished filling your cavity, your smile will maintain its natural look.

Composite (white) fillings are used to repair teeth after fractures, decay removal, or even to replace old or leaky fillings. These very modern restorative materials bond directly to the tooth. They require less tooth removal than silver fillings and have less post-operative sensitivity. Of course, they look much better, too. We have many shades of white filling material so as to match your tooth as best as possible.

Benefits of Getting a Filling

Prevents More Serious Damage & Costly Procedures

The most important reason why you should get a filling quickly when you have tooth decay is to prevent a worse problem from happening. A cavity is a hole created by the decay. If left unfilled, the decay could spread and further damage the tooth. Bacteria and plaque could continue building up inside the cavity. If not treated right away with a procedure as simple as a filling, patients may be faced with getting a more costly and in-depth procedure such as a crown or even a Root Canal.

Prevents Pain

You may first realize you have a cavity when you start to notice some pain in one of your teeth. This is a result of the tooth decay causing exposure of inner nerves inside the tooth. Sometime a cavity is first detected by a dentist who can identify that a cavity has begun to form. If left untreated, the decay could create a larger hole. It is very likely this will cause you to suffer further pain, especially when eating or drinking.

Fillings FAQ:

How long does a tooth filling last?

Fillings aren’t permanent. You can expect a tooth filling to last you for many years. If you tend to grind your teeth, your fillings may need to be replaced more often. If you notice an issue with your filling, such as any signs of wear or cracking, you should let your dentist know right away. Continuing to chew with a filling that has become damaged could cause your tooth to crack or lead to other issues that can’t be fixed with a simple filling replacement.

What is a composite filling?

Composite fillings are tooth-colored fillings that provide strength and durability to your tooth while also maintaining a natural look. No smile is perfectly white. At Bhargava Family Dentistry we can accurately match the color of the filling we will apply to your tooth to the existing color of your teeth.

Are cavities the only reason why a person would need a filling?

No. There are other situations that may require you to need a filling. Broken teeth that were damaged in other ways are often treated with fillings. A tooth may have been broken from an injury or was damaged as a result of teeth grinding.

Is there tooth pain after a filling?

You may experience discomfort or sensitivity immediately following a filling. This may last a few days or possibly a few weeks. Sometimes short-term pain or sensitivity can happen when the filling procedure aggravated a nerve inside the tooth. This is not a cause for concern as the nerve can be expected to heal and the sensitivity or discomfort will dissipate. You may want to avoid hot or cold foods or beverages for some time after a filling until your tooth has adjusted to the new filling.

Is there any way to avoid getting a filling?

Yes! Prevention is the best way to avoid getting a cavity that will require a filling. Brush your teeth twice a day, floss daily, eat sensible foods that aren’t overly sugary, and come visit us often! By sticking with your regular dental visits, we can help assist you with your healthy dental habits and keep your smile healthy and beautiful!

Protect Your Fillings is Easy – But it’s up to You!

The absolute best way to ensure your fillings last for as long as possible is good oral hygiene on a consistent basis. We have seen fillings fall out in as little as 6 months simply because the person didn’t take care to have good oral hygiene.

Photo of Dr Bhargava, Dr Valentine and a dental assistant smiling for a selfie

Trust Wichita’s Dental Experts with Your Cavities

After filling more than 60,000 cavities here in Wichita, you can trust the team at Bhargava Family Dentistry to provide the skilled, professional care to make sure your dental needs are handled expertly and with your comfort in mind. If you suspect you have a cavity or it’s been more than 6 months since you last saw a dentist, schedule an appointment at our Wichita dental office. We are happy to welcome new patients and hope to be your trusted dental care provider for years to come! Learn why you should choose Bhargava Family Dentistry.